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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Will Your Garden Grow in 2013?

What are you going to do in the garden this year? This is the time of year to read, dream, make plans, change them, write lists, draw sketches, and stare out the windows at your garden. While you are imagining all the wonderful things to come, you are laying the groundwork (so to speak) for a successful gardening season.

Here are resources that will help you decide what you want to do when those first perfect gardening days of the year arrive.

Steve Solomon's book Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades is a classic. Vegetable gardening is different in our Maritime climate than in other parts of the country, so general gardening books aren't that useful. Let this book be your guide to the plant varieties and techniques that will work here. Just as importantly, Solomon explains care of the soil, including composting, fertilizing and efficient water use. Healthy soil = healthy produce.

What seeds should you plant? Consider those from Botanical Interests, a Seattle Garden Ideas affiliate. They sell GMO-free seeds, many heirlooms, and their seed packets are so full of useful information, you'll want to keep them around for reference. Visit their website for helpful articles, special sales and occasional contests.

If you are a visual learner, you may find the help you need at The Northwest Flower and Garden Show. This is the show's 25th year of providing gardening inspiration with stunning display gardens, seminars and so much more. The show runs February 20-24 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

For gardeners who like a "calendar" approach to planning, the Maritime Northwest Garden Guide is ideal. The content is arranged month-by-month, listing what to do each month and including tips on when to plant seeds, soil amendments, organic fertilizers, pest control and lots more. I wish Seattle Tilth would release a new edition of this valuable little book, but you can get used copies on Amazon for just $12.99.

Are you planning to add raised beds or compost bins this year? Visit, a Seattle Garden Ideas affiliate, for how-to information, inspiration and products for sustainable gardening. Remember, they plant a tree for every order placed!

In my design practice, I have used my copy of The Pacific Northwest Gardener's Book of Lists so much that it is literally falling apart. I have to tape pages back into it every time I look something up. This book is just what it says, a collection of plant lists for just about every conceivable condition. Wet, dry, full sun, shade, annual, perennial, ground cover, tree, shrub - they're all there. This guide will really help you choose the right plants for the right places.

OK, it's time to get started. There's something so uplifting about garden planning. Enjoy the process.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Get Off To A Good Start With Seed From Botanical Interests

I'm happy to introduce to you a new affiliate sponsor, Botanical Interests. Curtis Jones, who started the company with his wife Judy Seaborn in 1995, describes their business this way, "I like to say that we're a gardening education company that just happens to sell seeds. Our packets are like mini-encyclopedias, full of information to inspire and assist every type of gardener."

The illustration below (from the Botanical Interests website) shows you what Curtis is talking about. Each packet features a beautiful botanical illustration of the flower, herb, or vegetable. It includes a description of the plant and detailed instructions for starting the seed. There is a plant tag on the back. And that's just the beginning!

Inside the packet is more information: plant history, tips on growing and harvesting, how to avoid pests and diseases, recipes and more.

The seed inside these packets is something special, too. Botanical Interests carries over 500 varieties of high quality seeds, including many varieties of heirloom seeds and 150 varieties of organic seeds. NO GMOs. None of their seed is treated. The germination rate is checked before packaging to assure quality. 

Curtis and Judy are committed to preserving the tradition of passing along gardening knowledge from generation to generation. "We're helping people reconnect with some of that lost art," Judy says. When you visit their website, you will find articles and their blogs devoted to helping people get the most out of their gardening experience and create traditions of their own. Which includes cooking! Their blog, Seed to Saucepan, offers creative ideas for preparing the wonderful things you grow in your garden. 

I hope you'll click the banner at the top of this post and take a few minutes to visit the Botanical Interests website. Whether you are new to starting plants from seed or an old hand, I believe you will find something of interest and value there. 

Thank you. 
(For more information about how affiliate programs work, read this article.)