At Chilhuly Garden and Glass
 in Seattle
In 1989, I moved to Seattle from the midwest. My first winter-spring here was a revelation. Even though I grew up in Northern California, I had never seen so many trees and shrubs that bloom in winter. Nor had I seen anything like the explosion of color that happens in spring here when cherries, magnolias, camellias, rhododendrons, and so much more, burst into bloom. I began to spend every spare minute working in my yard, or at the local nursery learning more about the amazing varieties of plant life that thrive in our maritime climate.

In the early '90s, inspired by my passion for gardening, I left my career in public relations to go back to school and get a degree in Environmental Horticulture and Landscape Design from South Seattle Community College. I started a landscape design practice which offered clients the choice of formal landscape plans or simpler, basic garden consultations aka "Horticultural House Calls" (featured in USA Today). 
The most dramatic "before and after" of my design career was featured in Pacific Northwest Magazine.  There we opened up a sort of underground bunker and turned it into a northwest woodland garden, complete with a waterfall and stream running through it. Many years later, the garden is still thriving, creating a peaceful oasis in the midst of city life. 

In addition to my design experience, I've worked for a landscape contractor and at retail nurseries. As a volunteer, I've participated in and managed various parks and tree planting projects in West Seattle. I was on the West Seattle Garden Tour Committee in its early years. I've seen how gardening projects build community and initiate friendships.

It has been my great privilege to help customers and clients connect with the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from being in the garden. Many of them have told me that gardening has become therapy for them. Working in the garden makes them feel calm, centered and better able to cope with the stresses in the rest of their lives. I've had the pleasure of watching people who had neither gardening experience, nor particular interest in horticulture, go from simply wanting me to design a low maintenance landscape for them to becoming full-fledged gardeners.

I have retired from the landscape design business, but I continue to share gardening information by way of this website. I hope you find something helpful here. 

Happy Gardening!