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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Growing Cannabis in Seattle

I recently had the opportunity to tour the cannabis growing operation at New Leaf Enterprises in Seattle. I've done some propagation and greenhouse work in the past, so I found the tour fascinating.

However, seeing how cannabis is grown for commercial use isn't something the average person might get to do. Although the sale and use of medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Washington State, you won't be seeing acres of marijuana planted in open ground any time soon. According to state regulations, each plant must be registered and accounted for throughout its lifecycle, and it's hard to protect plants from poaching when they're grown outdoors.

Plus, indoor operations can control everything: heat, humidity, water, nutrients, and day length (i.e. periods of light and darkness). Not surprisingly, users say that the quality of products grown indoors is superior to what is grown outdoors.

If you've ever been curious about how these plants are grown and harvested, and no one has invited you inside their operation to show you around, here's the next best thing - a video tour inside New Leaf Enterprises, home of Dama Cannabis. Take a look.