Thursday, March 20, 2014

Real Palm Trees of Southern California

Does it seem odd that I am posting photos of trees in California? Well, when you consider that this has been a long, cold winter, one that refuses to leave, getting lost in images of blue skies and warm weather is a welcome distraction. Am I right?

So, happy First Day of Spring 2014 everyone. Here are photos I took on a trip to Palm Springs not long ago. Enjoy!

I grew up in Northern California so palms trees were part of my daily surroundings. I still don't know the botanical names for them. There's just tall ones....
And short ones.

And in Palm Springs, you might find some metal ones. (Monkeys seem to love 'em.)

And then there are the camera flare palms. I don't know how I got this shot and I'm sure I couldn't replicate it. It is probably my favorite one of all.