Saturday, March 8, 2014

Plants With Benefits ;)

You probably know that a tomato is called a "love apple." But do you know why? The answer to that question and pretty much anything else you want to know about the aphrodisiac qualities of herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers can be found in Helen Yoest's book, "Plants With Benefits."

This charming book has something for everyone.
  • For those who have a passion for a good story, Yoest explains the folk lore surrounding 50 plants, including avocados (bad news for Aztec virgins), celery (Casanova's secret weapon), and fennel (straight from the Kama Sutra). 
  • For ardent gardeners, there are botanical descriptions and tips for growing these plants. 
  • For the lusty cook, there are recipes. 
  • And for the lover in all of us, there is that all important information: "Why It Works." 
With seductive headings like "seeds of desire" (for the section on anise), "viagra for women"(nutmeg), and "don't ask for it in Cuba" (papaya), this book is irresistible. Get a copy and experience it for yourself.