Friday, July 15, 2011

Commercial Landscapes: Safeway's "Green" Gas Station

When you think of gas stations, what comes to mind? Leafy maple trees? Blue oat grass billowing in the breeze? Perhaps a rugosa rose or two? Odds are that the answer is "no," unless you happen to be thinking about Safeway's gas station in the Admiral district in West Seattle.
Take a look. The sign is clearly visible, but except for that and the canopy above the pumps, all the rest is green.
Here's the view for pedestrians walking along the sidewalk in front of the station. Maple trees are planted on both sides of the walkway. On the left, you see a 4.5-foot hedge of Euonymous alata 'Compacta' (burning bush) that runs the length of the property, providing a lush green screen in summer and fiery red leaf color in the fall. Between the trees in the planting strip next to the street, you'll see blue oat and fescue grasses, yellow-flowering potentilla and white rugosa roses. Beach strawberry is used as a ground cover. 

This healthy abundance of green provides a pleasing focal point for motorists and pedestrians. It's also a treat for people pumping gas. Wouldn't you rather be gazing into a beautiful tree than staring at an oil slick on the pavement while you're waiting for your tank to get full? Congratulations to Safeway for taking a potential eyesore and making it into an attractive addition to the business district. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garden Consultations

Clematis 'The President'
Have you ever wanted to invite a gardening professional to your home to help you solve your landscape problems? Well, now you can. I am available to do gardening consultations in the Seattle area. I've been doing these "horticultural house calls," formally and informally, for 20 years and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

A garden consultation usually takes 1 to 1-1/2 hours and, depending on your needs, topics might include:

  • Garden restoration
  • Pruning- when and how
  • Plant identification
  • Lawn care
  • Compost & soil amendments
  • Fertilizing- when, how and with what
  • How to deal with pest and disease problems
  • Basic space planning and design questions
  • How to select the right plants for your gardening situation
In the years I've worked in the landscape industry, I've seen how many people spend too much money on trial and error. They buy tools they don't need, chemicals that aren't necessary and plants that aren't suited to their gardens. Let me help you avoid all of that. 
Cost: $60/hour, within the greater Seattle area

Plus a $15/hour charge for travel time for consultations outside West Seattle
Please Email me to schedule an appointment.
Thank you!